Beauty Salon Oxford, Headington and Cowley RoadAll of our therapists are level III trained. However some have been with us longer than others and have more ice experience. Furthermore, some specialise in certain products and treatments.
For this reason, we have three separate pricing tiers.

At Therapist LevelĀ  we have therapists who have either recently joined our team or are returning to work after a break. They are incredibly talented and passionate.

Senior Therapist Level is for those who have been working the ice way for a long time and are well known and established and have enhanced their skills to an extremely high standard.

Manager Level
is for those who have given that little extra over the years in terms of management, attention to detail, and an incredibly high standard of customer care.

All treatments involve a consultation time. It is a great idea to arrive a little early and use this time to wind down before treatments.

We ask that you turn your phone to silent and leave the little ones at home if possible. This maximises the experience for both you and the other guests.

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