Biotec and Caci Facials


BIOTEC Line Eraser 1hr £65 1hr 30 minutes £90

Wrinkles are targeted with firming and toning micro current pulses to stimulate the skin cells towards dynamic functionality. Circulation is improved, increasing the production of collagen and elastin, whilst the dermis is flooded with super Hyaluronic hydrating activators, sealed with a re-energising Amber balm.Red and Blue light therapy warms and de-stresses the skin whilst a blast of oxygen delivers a breath of fresh air, effectively ironing out wrinkles and filling inlines. A powerful and rejuvenating facial treatment.

BIOTEC Firm a Lift 1hr £65 1hr 30 minutes £90

Rediscover the architecture of your face with his groundbreaking blend of massage and sculpting technology. Circulation stimulating Arjuna, Gardenia stem cells and Alaria Esculenta Seaweed are activated by micro current pulses to tighten slackening skin. Galvanic currents infuse the sin with bio-active formulas that hydrate and tone. The extra-cellular matrix of the skin is visibly strengthened, restoring elasticity and tenacity for a contoured complexion.

BIOTEC Anti Pigment Brightener 1hr £65 1hr 30 minutes £90

This powerful, targeted skin-brightening treatment visibly illuminates the complexion, dynamically treating the appearance of uneven skin tone, discolouration and age spots. A unique complex of brightening actives, ultrasonic peel and light therapy is combined with precision massage to help wash out melanin and reduce dullness. A peel off mask of Vitamin C and daisy extract reduces pigmentation, while mineral rich Sea Algae intensely moisturises, leaving skin youthful, refined and translucent.

BIOTEC Skin Resurfacer 1hr £65 1hr 30 minutes £90

This resurfacing facial addresses skin tone, blemishes and fine lines to transform the texture of the skin. The ultrasonic peel reveals a noticeably smoother complexion using a combination of Lactic and hydraulic acids, Sandalwood, Thyme and Lemon oils. Steam and extraction deeply cleanse and detoxify before massage and light therapy restores equilibrium. Wrinkles and Fine lines are reduced to leave a complexion that has never been softer or smoother.

BIOTEC Radiance Renew 1hr £65 1hr 30minutes £90 

A powerful anecdote for dull and tired skin, this cellular boosting treatment targets sluggish complexions. The ultrasonic peel pumps vibrational energy into the skin to exfoliate and stimulate the removal of impurities and dead skin cells, while the galvanic rejuvenating current harnesses the power of Elderflower and Orange flower extracts to restore moisture and vitality. The result is skin that is rejuvenated, clearer and visibly brighter and radiant.

BIOTEC Blemish Control 1hr £65 1hr 30minutes £90

A deep cleansing facial that detoxifies the skin and repairs damaged tissue. This treatment uses ultrasonic vibration massage, steam and galvanic currents to thoroughly decongest and exfoliate. A powerful anti oxidant, anti bacterial activator containing Salicylic acid and inflammation reducing Iris soothes and smoothes, while light therapy balances and clears the complexion, thereby speeding recovery.

BIOTEC Sensitive Skin Soother 1hr £60 1hr 30 minutes £90

This anti redness treatment calms and soothes sensitive skin. Using an activator rich in Frankincense and Natural anti-inflammatory Willowherb, the skin is infused with oxygen to encourage cellular restoration, balance and strength. Red light therapy operates in harmony with calming antioxidants to improve the skins natural ability to heal.


CACI Ultimate Anti-ageing 

Caci is currently unavailable.


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