Our massages are all tailored to your individual needs.



| 30 mins £40 | 60 mins £60 | 75 mins £74| 

Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage

This is a vigorous workout for the body perfect to alleviate high stress levels. Tailored according to your needs, your therapist will select an aromatic oil to suit your needs, bethel muscle pain, stress relief, relaxation or emotional balance. skin is prepped release toxins so that the flowing massage works deeper into the tension, encouraging optimum circulation.

Deeper than Deep Hot Stone Massage

Nothing gets through to the muscle like hot stone.  Stones are bathed in intensely moisturising Frangipani Monoi Body Oil, then worked over the body, deep into the muscles, getting into areas tension at a profound level.

Garden of England Rose Restore

This is a lavishly hydrating body massage and body wrap, with a trio of Rose, Camellia and Poppy seed oils to restore and maintain elasticity, whilst encouraging skin renewal. Skin is left exquisitely moisturised, intensely supple and deliciously scented.

Peaceful Pregnancy Massage – 1hr 15 – £75 –

This unique pregnancy massage isa profoundly nurturing and tranquil oasis, where Mother-to-be are lulled and restored to optimum wellness. An intuitive, sensitive, empathic and relaxing massage hydrates skin that is expanding to accommodate a growing baby.

Peaceful Pregnancy Face & Body Experience – 2hr 15 minutes-£125 –

The beautifully reviving facial and specially formulated massage take care of all your skins needs during pregnancy. Settle in a relax for a treatment combination that gently addresses any visible effects of hormonal changes on the skin and supports it as it accommodates your baby. Taking care of your ever changing needs at this very special time.

Absolute Spa Ritual Touch – 2hrs – £110 –

Condition your skin and condition your muscles with this all embracing hands-on experience. Combine any 60 minute Elemis Touch facial with your personalised freestyle deep tissue massage or Deep Hot Stone Massage.

Absolute Spa Ritual Technical  2hrs – £120

Time to switch your skin on. Combine any 60 minute Elemis Biotec Facial with your personalised Freestyle Deep Tissue Massage or Deep Hit Stone Massage.


Total Time Out for Men – 2hrs – £115 – Complete face and body overhaul


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