Our salon and spa are both situated in Headington

Ice hairdressers Oxford

The salon currently has ten working spaces. There is a lot more staff, noise and bustle in the Salon. This can be a slight shock when you come from the tranquility of the beauty rooms, but most people are lovely and relaxed following a therapy treatment and enjoy the full head to toe care. Many of our clients combine beauty treatments and hair services on the same appointment. This is not always possible but it is worth checking out availability when making your appointments.

There is a range of stylists waiting to look after you. Have a good consultation first and then relax and enjoy your shampoo and head massage.

Our spa boasts four well-proportioned, comfortable treatment rooms and a sunbed room. Both salon and spa are managed from the salon reception.

If you are familiar with the Beauty area, please do go through and relax in the waiting area where there are drinks and magazines you can help yourself to. Your therapist will be with you as soon as they are ready for you. If you are new to Ice beauty, come to the Salon reception and we will take care of you from there.

Consultations are always free, for both hair and beauty and you are welcome to ring with any questions you might have.

Environmentally friendly

In both areas we try hard to get as many vegan and peta approved products as possible. We are not fully there yet. It can sometimes be a difficult compromise on results, and other times there is just not a peta approved, vegan or PPD free alternative available . However we keep trying.

We are also committed to recycling as much of our waste as we possibly can, or using reusable or recycled alternatives.

We must apologise now but we shall no longer be printing our price lists. Experience has shown us that a lot gets wasted, through going out of date or just getting grubby, but also a lot of the more robust materials used are not always recyclable.


We ask you to PLEASE turn off your phones. This is particularly important in the spa as it is used for quiet and relaxing treatments. We want both you and our other guests to enjoy the experience and mobile tones do not enhance it in any way.

We know that if you have children it is difficult to find childcare. But again the spa is not a great place for them. We cannot allow children into rooms for safety reasons, and again, it is not relaxing for you or our other guests.

We cannot guarantee treatments if our guests are late for appointments. If the stylist or therapist is free we shall of course see you, but if there are following appointments we cannot make everyone late. This is just unfair on other people. So please please please come on time or if you are running late and it is unavoidable, and it happens to all of us, please ring reception and we will do everything possible to work something out for you.

Ice Hair and Beauty Cancellation Policy

We do reserve the right to take deposits on longer services, this will be done by either card payment over the telephone or we will take your voucher number. No card details are kept on record but deposit will be lost if cancelation is less than 24 hours before treatment.

Your appointment is important. It is reserved especially for you. We do realise that sometimes, adjustments are unavoidable. However, we do respectfully request a 24 hour notice period. If we do not get enough notice, it prevents us from offering that particular time to another client. Therefore unfortunately, the following cancellation fees will apply:

Less than 24 hours notice will result in a charge of 50% of the reserved service amount.

A ‘No Show” or a cancellation notice of one hour or less will be charged at 100% of the reserved service amount.

Finally, we cannot stress enough the importance of skin testing for all colour services. We cannot do a colour of any kind without a prior skin test. You might think we are being overly fussy on this matter, but believe us, a colour reaction is not pretty.